Organizing Education Sociological Approaches, Analyses and Findings

Conference organized by the Education Sections of the Sociological Associations of Switzerland (SGS), Germany (DGS) & Austria (ÖGS)

Friday–Saturday, 13–14 June 2014 University of Teacher Education Basel, Switzerland

Contributions on the above or related themes may be theory-based and conceptual or theoretically guid- ed empirical studies. The submitted abstract, with (working) title, should make its objectives and research questions explicit and discuss its theoretical framework, and, if empirical, identify (first) results. The ab- stract and conference presentation may be in English or German. The abstract (5000-6500 characters, document max. 2 pages) should be submitted in Word and pdf by the 30 November 2013 on

Decisions of the evaluation process will be communicated by 15 February 2014.

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